Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well, what a surprise Goodwill again! But with an extra TWISTILYDIDDLY SUPRISE SONIA AND ALISA!

"I have a plan!" was the first thing I said to my friends Sonia and Alisa (besides of course giving them hugs) And OH SONIA HOW I LOVE YOU responded with "does that include thrifting?" How right she was! We walked to Goodwill and had a fabulous time thrifting! Sonia found the greatest Leather Jacket; That's a perfect too big slouchy look, Aw she's sooo amazingly pretty! and the most niftydandyloo thing is she's gonna stencil designs onto it with silver spray-paint. And Alisa (who is also a beauty just to let you know!) got tons of stuff! I got this really cool silver dress, and a brown and white striped vintage dress and finally these powder pink silk pants. I was going for the stella Mcartney ss10 RTW look! maybe? Included pics of my clothes and Sonia's jacket,but sadly i didn't get any usable pics of Alisa's clothes. WAMP WAMP WAHHHH


  1. I was so excited about thrifting, What fun!
    I'm not sure about stenciling... I have to come up with a design that will work well with the jacket.
    Lovely pictures! You are so pretty and unique (or pretty unique, or uniquely pretty, or DOWNRIGHT GORGEOUS!! :)
    Not sure who Stella Mcartney is, but Cool!
    Goodness gracious, I sigh and look up as I think of the silver dress.
    Yes, I am copying your usage of onomatopeia...

  2. i like the second pic the best