Wednesday, January 20, 2010

H is for hooligans, hog warts and small crying children.... Wait that's not how it goes?

I went to Goodwill after school yesterday. I was uber surprised at what I found! It was like diving into a rather musty smelling pile of gold! I took a pic of the outfit in the store and then today when I wore it to school. I always feel super duper diddly fantastwic when I can put together a whole outfit while thrift shopping. Like I could walk right out of the store and onto the street. Problem though is that when I do that I feel compelled to buy the whole thing. But still it only cost me 30 bucks for a skirt, shirt, sweater! Still, arg 30 dollars is a lot for a 13 year old on a budget... ): People kept asking me what the H on the sweater was for. I have no clue though I assume it's a school? But my social studies teacher told me to just make it up. So I said hooligans, but then I though of the inevitable Harry Potter. The Hogwarts also starts with a H and so does HufflePuff? I have revealed myself secret Harry Potter nerd. Well, nerd no doubt but I don't really think it was a secret. On an ending note. I have a puzzling conundrum? I was walking home from school today when a small child (5 or so) pointed at me then proceeded to cry. His mother picked him up (he was still pointing) and walked off. I'm confused? If you have any theories comment on them. Also I'm not kidding this happened. I'm slightly offended.

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