Sunday, January 31, 2010

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.

Some more fabulous thrift store finds. A vintage 80's Betsey Johnson dress. (GAHHHHH! Amazingness) Worn with a red belt, velvet shoes, and a vintage suede red bag with a zipper across the front. (I got the bag awhile ago and haven't found what to wear it with.) I paired the silk pastel pink pants (I mentioned them earlier on the blog) with a cummerbund and bow tie that i bought in a set together for 2.99, and a lace shirt. The first picture was for photography class. It was supposed to have a color theme hence the red.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I've read this issue so much it's getting worn out. (ohhhh that wasn't funny ):)

I got a subscription to this magazine for Christmas and boy oh boy was i a happy 13 year old camper! Worn is chock full of interesting articles and intriguing outfits. I love the interview with Johnathan Walford and Kenn Norman. The fashion collectors talk about how they became interested in fashion and (gasp) their dislike of Chanel. Which personally disagree with but anywhoo, my favorite article was Beauty As Duty which was about the second world war and how it affected fashion. I can't wait for the next issue and I'll post about it when I get it! PROMISE!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well, what a surprise Goodwill again! But with an extra TWISTILYDIDDLY SUPRISE SONIA AND ALISA!

"I have a plan!" was the first thing I said to my friends Sonia and Alisa (besides of course giving them hugs) And OH SONIA HOW I LOVE YOU responded with "does that include thrifting?" How right she was! We walked to Goodwill and had a fabulous time thrifting! Sonia found the greatest Leather Jacket; That's a perfect too big slouchy look, Aw she's sooo amazingly pretty! and the most niftydandyloo thing is she's gonna stencil designs onto it with silver spray-paint. And Alisa (who is also a beauty just to let you know!) got tons of stuff! I got this really cool silver dress, and a brown and white striped vintage dress and finally these powder pink silk pants. I was going for the stella Mcartney ss10 RTW look! maybe? Included pics of my clothes and Sonia's jacket,but sadly i didn't get any usable pics of Alisa's clothes. WAMP WAMP WAHHHH

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

H is for hooligans, hog warts and small crying children.... Wait that's not how it goes?

I went to Goodwill after school yesterday. I was uber surprised at what I found! It was like diving into a rather musty smelling pile of gold! I took a pic of the outfit in the store and then today when I wore it to school. I always feel super duper diddly fantastwic when I can put together a whole outfit while thrift shopping. Like I could walk right out of the store and onto the street. Problem though is that when I do that I feel compelled to buy the whole thing. But still it only cost me 30 bucks for a skirt, shirt, sweater! Still, arg 30 dollars is a lot for a 13 year old on a budget... ): People kept asking me what the H on the sweater was for. I have no clue though I assume it's a school? But my social studies teacher told me to just make it up. So I said hooligans, but then I though of the inevitable Harry Potter. The Hogwarts also starts with a H and so does HufflePuff? I have revealed myself secret Harry Potter nerd. Well, nerd no doubt but I don't really think it was a secret. On an ending note. I have a puzzling conundrum? I was walking home from school today when a small child (5 or so) pointed at me then proceeded to cry. His mother picked him up (he was still pointing) and walked off. I'm confused? If you have any theories comment on them. Also I'm not kidding this happened. I'm slightly offended.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

foam,vintage and bubble tea. What?

Today I decided to take the long trek... (10 mins wow, I'm an active person) to my local Goodwill. Which happens to be the closest thing my area has to heaven. No fat baby thingys with wings nor is there clouds shaped like cotton candy or horribly tacky white gowns that everyone seems to be soooo in love with. Okay, sometimes there is the tacky dresses. But you can certainly find the occasional an amazing piece. Anyway, after I went there my mom (who's upholstering a chair) made me go to a store called Foam Rubber. I'm not kidding it was actually called Foam Rubber. And she got some foam for a cushion on her chair. You will not believe how many people need foam/rubber. The phone was ringing constantly and the store was crowded. God, it was so strange. Foam! THEY SELL BLOCKS OF FOAM FOR GODSAKE! I just don't understand the appeal of that, but whatever. I have included pictures of the Foam Rubber store because when you have been to the Twilight Zone and back you should share your experiences. Pictures of my local Goodwill because I Love That Place! Finally pictures of what I bought and what I wore today because this is a fashion blog... I wore: a vintage slip
3 belts I forget where I got them.... Some thrift store, My docs.,And a vintage hunting jacket from GOODWILL!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Every time I look at this I want to go shopping.... or watch wizard of oz. Or go on a picnic?

christopher-kane-ss10-lfw-review-1.jpgGah, this is love. Christopher Kane's SS10 collection. It's so so so adjectives fail me. My use of the english language is not adequate enough to express how I feel about these pieces. On another note, I'm taking a photography class at my school! Maybe my use of a self timer with become better. Normally when i go take pictures multiple things happen.

1) I "almost" break my camera.... More then once.

2)smash/blowup/destroy beyond recognition/ some sort of valuable where ever I happen to be taking pictures.

3) ending up on the floor cursing and asking myself WHY? WHYYYYY?

for my first assignment I am to take one Fashion shot and an artistic one. I think i'm going to use this door that my mother picked up god know where as a backdrop. P.S the door is really fantastic in real life. The picture does not do it justice.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Urban Vintage.... HURRAH

Yesterday, I went with my mom around Boston and Brighton. We walked in a circle attempting to go to every thrift/vintage store in a couple mile radius. My legs were killing, me having just had a particularly strenuous gym class. That involved running endlessly from one side of the gym to the other. Over and over and over again. So walking that much took dedication and the shining ray of hope that is shopping. My efforts were paid off in the first store that I stepped my aching feet into..... Urban Vintage. Which consists of mostly new handmaid clothing. In the back though they do have a rack of vintage (where this came from)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh, so dramatic. My intense stares are slightly creeping you out.

I have no reason behind this post other then I personally enjoy these pictures. You can't really see the dress nor the shoes. Unpractical posting full steam ahead. The dress is a 50s silk dress, that i got in Good and Maggie's in connecticut. Of course i'm wearing my Docs!

And she bestowed a gift of a post upon them....

I fufilled my promise. A GAZILLION grueling hours of homeyworkey later I'm finally posting. So I wore this out fit today to school. The guidence counsler asked me in a horrified voice "Are you wearing PANTS?" God, I almost had a heart attack. I thought she would call me on dress code. The terrifing consiquence is wearing these disgusting sweatshirt and sweatpants things. And possibly the big guns... umbro shorts from the 90s that give people hernias looking at. Luckily, she smiled and said (in response to my flustered t-these are p-pants.. and my attempts to run away) It's okay, I didn't mean to embarass you. I escaped... I thank my extra super duper lucky stars.

Don't forget about me!

I will post tonight.... absolutely. definitely. most likely.maybe. if i have time. Arg, i blame this all on my teachers. Apparently they care about my future. Oh woe is me.... I have excuses though. Don't count me out yet. My most reliable excuse to get me out of any undesirable situation is 'little gnomes that live inside my backpack have invaded my brain. unfortunately i am unable to think, because of my lack of brain space. And the fact that they (little gnomes i mean) keep playing very loud 80's pop inside my head. It's excruciatingly painful.... So i can do whatever you need me to do when I
1)get back from the mental hospital
2)have evacuated the gnomes successfully
3)eaten a life time supply of Razzles. FIRST IT'S CANDY THEN IT'S GUM!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I was trying on some clothes trying to decide what to wear to a party a while back, I found this on my mom's computer and decided to post it... My room isn't normally that messy. Actually it is, but your going to pretend it's not and feed my ego. Okay? *good egooooo.... awwww such a cute egooooo have a snack. Om nom.... awww*

I'm wearing:
Betsey Johnson dress
Betsey Johnson tights
random velvet black heels (doesn't have a tag, found in thrift store)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yep, ironically enough I'm slightly lost...

When this idea was bouncing it's way through my head it all seemed so easy! Now that I am actually in the process of trying to write I can't pull a single thing from my brain cavities... Oh that was a really unpleasant visual... Still I guess it would be most probable to just jump in. Okay, here goes! MY FASHION BLOG!

I'm wearing an
Armani Exchange leather Jacket
Black Doc Martens
Vintage knitted scarf
Vintage hat (credit my Aunt Jenn)
Rodarte for target dress with HM leggings