Saturday, January 16, 2010

foam,vintage and bubble tea. What?

Today I decided to take the long trek... (10 mins wow, I'm an active person) to my local Goodwill. Which happens to be the closest thing my area has to heaven. No fat baby thingys with wings nor is there clouds shaped like cotton candy or horribly tacky white gowns that everyone seems to be soooo in love with. Okay, sometimes there is the tacky dresses. But you can certainly find the occasional an amazing piece. Anyway, after I went there my mom (who's upholstering a chair) made me go to a store called Foam Rubber. I'm not kidding it was actually called Foam Rubber. And she got some foam for a cushion on her chair. You will not believe how many people need foam/rubber. The phone was ringing constantly and the store was crowded. God, it was so strange. Foam! THEY SELL BLOCKS OF FOAM FOR GODSAKE! I just don't understand the appeal of that, but whatever. I have included pictures of the Foam Rubber store because when you have been to the Twilight Zone and back you should share your experiences. Pictures of my local Goodwill because I Love That Place! Finally pictures of what I bought and what I wore today because this is a fashion blog... I wore: a vintage slip
3 belts I forget where I got them.... Some thrift store, My docs.,And a vintage hunting jacket from GOODWILL!