Thursday, January 7, 2010

And she bestowed a gift of a post upon them....

I fufilled my promise. A GAZILLION grueling hours of homeyworkey later I'm finally posting. So I wore this out fit today to school. The guidence counsler asked me in a horrified voice "Are you wearing PANTS?" God, I almost had a heart attack. I thought she would call me on dress code. The terrifing consiquence is wearing these disgusting sweatshirt and sweatpants things. And possibly the big guns... umbro shorts from the 90s that give people hernias looking at. Luckily, she smiled and said (in response to my flustered t-these are p-pants.. and my attempts to run away) It's okay, I didn't mean to embarass you. I escaped... I thank my extra super duper lucky stars.

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