Thursday, January 7, 2010

Don't forget about me!

I will post tonight.... absolutely. definitely. most likely.maybe. if i have time. Arg, i blame this all on my teachers. Apparently they care about my future. Oh woe is me.... I have excuses though. Don't count me out yet. My most reliable excuse to get me out of any undesirable situation is 'little gnomes that live inside my backpack have invaded my brain. unfortunately i am unable to think, because of my lack of brain space. And the fact that they (little gnomes i mean) keep playing very loud 80's pop inside my head. It's excruciatingly painful.... So i can do whatever you need me to do when I
1)get back from the mental hospital
2)have evacuated the gnomes successfully
3)eaten a life time supply of Razzles. FIRST IT'S CANDY THEN IT'S GUM!

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