Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is completely a coincidence. It has nothing to do with ehmm James Dean.. Erm nothing at all.

One of my many obsessions is the 50's. (Thought I was going to say James Dean, right?) Being as interested in Men's fashion from the 50's as I am it was inevitable that I would stumble across Rebel Without A Cause. I had to watch it. It was calling me with its example of 50's teen fashion, and troubled youth of today plot, and JAMES DEAN.
This is my blog, So if I want to thoroughly embarrass myself I might as well do it here. Picture above is a story about power in the hands of the wrong people. I should not have access to photo-shop. Bad things happen-(like picture above). Also look at my flowing locks of gorgeous hair that should not be legal.
The original still (before I destroyed it for my own purposes) was from East of Eden. Adapted from the Steinbeck novel. Which I also enjoyed. I liked that movie 'bout as much as Rebel Without a Cause, I liked James Dean's outfits more in Rebel though. Well, I think I have humiliated myself enough! (GO JAMES DEAN)----the end.

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