Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh well, I love you gal and I want you Peggy Sue!

Road Trip! So, normally you wouldn't equate IT/nerdyness/step dad/ with vintage fashions. I love my step dad and since I do it means I have to relentlessly torture him and make fun of him. Ah, what a wonderful and kind stepdaughter I am, But my step dad graciously offered to take me to Connecticut (where some of my favorite haunts are.) Of course I leaped at the offer, Even though I did ponder what Chrissy-poo would do as I surveyed the frilly pink 50's evening dresses! We went to Good and Maggie's which I love.(Christophee drifted outdoors and walked around on the grass. One can only take so many lace covered tea dresses.)

The store owner remembers me and she is SO helpful and kind. Well I ended up spending only 30 bucks! (Conveniently what I just made from babysitting) I got a 50's-60's paisley dress, for 5 dollars!!!! (shown in picture above) 50's cat-eye glasses frames (also 5 dollars!). I love freaking people out with them. They get so confused when I stick my fingers through the place where the lenses would be! And finally a surprise~Shhh I can't tell you yet! My step dad thinks my glasses create a dual personality, and my alias he says should be Eunice. I disagree I think it should be Peggy Sue! Imagine if I was Eunice... Ethel and Cathy would make fun of me!

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