Wednesday, June 16, 2010

our love remains

I'm graduating middle school today. Big deal. Honestly. Anyshroom this is the outfit I wore today to celebrate. These pictures are from me and my fellow graduates walking around the school hugging various objects and persons going I REMEMBER THIS EXIT SIGN AND OHHHHH I LOVED THIS STAIRWELL! We also accidently scared some small children off the playground. One of the brave ones that remained told me she liked my dress. It's good to be approved of by 2nd graders.

1950's dress
vintage hat
vintage leather bag


  1. i luv ur dress!!!

    that school looks somewhat familiar...

  2. hmmm the school looks familiar really? wow what a coincidence!

  3. wait! i know where it is! isn't that the park in san diego!? i bring my kids there sometimes!